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Is Noblesse worth the read?- A Noblesse Webtoon Review!

Noblesse review – without spoiler

I have spent the last 15 days finishing Noblesse. 15 days to finish 545 episodes. Not tiny but long, detailed episodes. And now that I have finished it I have only one thing to say about it, I want more.

This is my honest review about Noblesse without giving any spoilers.

  • Title: Noblesse
  • Author & Artist: Jeho Son & Kwangsu Lee
  • Overall rating: 8 out of 10
  • Story:  9 out of 10  
  • Art: 8.5 out of 10
  • Status: Completed
  • Genre: Action, Comedy & Supernatural

Noblesse is the ultimate webtoon with action, drama, comedy & supernatural. Created by the awesome Jeho Son and Kwangsu Lee.

As a webtoon reader, Noblesse was something that comes up, again and again, every time I had a discussion about webtoon in general. And the following question comes with it. “Is Noblesse worth the read?” or “It’s too long. Does it drag?” or “Is Noblesse good?” or “Is it worth the time?”

They came to my mind too.

Now I have an answer for it. And the answer is, Yes. Nobless is worth your time, effort, and tears. Oh, so many tears…

The reason why it took me such a long time to give it a read was that
I am not a fan of long stories. What happens with most stories that have over 300+ chapters is that a lot of them lose their focus and they start to dive into other things when the main plot still remains unsolved. And when that happens the story looses its uniqueness. And then the readers.

For this reason, I was afraid to commit to Noblesse when it was still continuing. I did started reading Noblesse but stopped before even reaching episode 20.

But now that the story has finished, I thought to give it a try. Took me a year to actually start it. But still…
The thing with Noblesse is that it has a huge universe build within itself. Lots of characters and the huge possibility of getting sidetracked. But it is also where Noblesse shines. From the beginning, we know which characters stand where. We know the main goal and objective. We know that the main villain is The Union – don’t worry I didn’t spoil anything.

And that it needs to be stopped.

Simple, right?

We just don’t know the journey that leads to there.
And what a journey that is!!

This is a supernatural webtoon but it is nothing like anything you heard or read before. The story was written by Jeho Son and drawn by Kwangsu Lee.
The story revolves around the Noblesse Raizel who had woken up after 800+ years & the world has changed.
It starts with him trying to understand the new world to him wanting to live a normal life to him doing everything in his power to save it.

I wanted to post more of this but it will spoil the story….

Noblesse is very well-written, story-wise. It is also funny.

It is so full of action as you would expect from an action comic. But it also gives you the feels. Ahhh, so many feel!

A thing that I have heard a lot of readers complain about Noblesse, is that the story drags. Which I do understand a bit. The story was going on for years – 6 years in the Line Webtoon app but it was published +6 years ago in Korea before getting picked up by Navar, so almost 12 years. So for a reader who has been reading for a long time they might feel that. As a story going on for such a long time, not every episode is going to be equally filled with action and comedy. Not all the episodes will be filled with emotional scenes. Some are needed just for the plot and create the huge universe that the author wanted to show us. In some way, I understand how those readers felt.

But as I read the whole 545 episodes in 15 days, I never felt it dragging or boring. Not just because I couldn’t stop reading it as it amazingly good but because I had the opportunity to not wait for it to update. I was up until 3 am in the morning, just reading this and laughing at my phone.

Because I was binging it, I didn’t felt the drag.

Me laughing at the story & then getting attacked by the feels!

Noblesse is a great material, that is perfect for binge reading. As I didn’t have to wait a week to know what happens, that I think made my experience different from others. And why I enjoyed it more than other readers.

So in a way, you might feel that the story ‘drags’ if you have to wait a week or a day. And it is a shame, as we all know that Noblesse will be going into Daily Pass – a feature in Line Webtoon that lets you unlock chapters every day- and you can only read 2 episodes per day for free unless you want to use money.

I would advise you to unlock as many of the episodes as you can before starting to read. Cause the first 50 chapters are free, the daily pass starts after that. So you can unlock few chapters and then start and see how it feels. Even with 2 chapters a day it will take a long time to finish reading – Noblesse does have 545 chapters! So prepare yourself for the long haul.

Wishing you luck!

Now the art is nice. And it gets even better. When you start reading and as you go on you will see that the art has changed and improved a lot over the course of years. Not that the art, in the beginning, was bad- it gave it Noblesse, The Noblesse vibe. But later on in the series it just becomes breathtakingly beautiful!

You can really see here how much it changed. I don’t know when it started cause I didn’t even notice it until I was somewhere in episode 300 something when it just hit me and I thought ‘Wow the art looks so good here’.

This is something the fans made themselves to compare the art in the beginning to how it ended.

Here is a bigger sample of how the art looked at the beginning and in chapters later on.

Raizel aka Rai and Frankenstein in the beginning vs them later on.

Another thing is the chapter size. The first few episodes are really small. Probably up to chapter 30 where we started to get the full-length chapters. And they do become longer and longer as the story progresses.

The fight scenes are so amazingly drawn. You can’t take your eyes of them. So much detail and attention are given to it. This is one of my favorite panels – a non-spoiler version.

I wanted to put more pictures of a few of my favorite fights but I couldn’t find those pictures online. So I wasn’t able to include it here… that would have spoiled the story a little.

Now Noblesse is known for it’s characters. And that it true. I love how they are drawn. Classy and polished -it’s a pun…

And how each of them has these personalities that compliment them so well. How they are drawn is another trait that I loved.

It is hard talking about it without giving spoilers. Because those character traits are such an important part of the story. You will love and hate so many of them. Add that to the amazing story line created by Jeho Son and we got great characters to cry over.

There will be tears….

The main point of this review is that Noblesse is an amazing webtoon. And very soon it will become an anime! Webtoon has partnered up with Crunchy Roll. And we are hoping that the Noblesse anime coming out sometime within the end of 2020.

Noblesse: Awakening

Edit August 13 : The new trailer for the anime has came out. And the anime will be out in October.

The great power of the #Noblesse has awakened! Anime based on the @webtoon series coming this October 💉

Originally tweeted by Noblesse (@Anime_Noblesse) on August 13, 2020.

Until next time, take care!


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