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The mischief of Yumi and her cells – A Review about Webtoon Yumi’s Cells

A story about Yumi and her brain cells.

Yumi's Cells  - webtoon
  • Title: Yumi’s Cells.
  • Author & Artist: Donggeon Lee
  • Story: 10 out of 10
  • Art: 10 out of 10
  • Genre: Slice of life, Comedy & Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Overall rating: 10 out of 10

Back in 2017 when I started reading webtoons there was a handful of webtoons that had me addicted to them. One of them was Yumi’s Cells.

And since 2017 I had never missed a Wednesday when a new chapter would be updated. Until December 2020 when the last chapter came out. As someone who would get bored over things quickly and could not commit to anything after a deadline of 3 weeks, this was my longest commitment. And when I look back, I think I would have loved to be there when the 1st chapter came out in 2015.

I was in love with the story. The simplicity of the story but the complicated and creative way the creator builds it up. It both fascinated me and had me engaged for over 3 years.

To say it simply, I was in love with Yumi’s Cells.

Yumi's Cells - webtoon
Yumi's Cells - webtoon

“A story of Yumi and her brain cells.” – Source Line Webtoon.

And that basically is it.

Yumi's Cells Wbtoon
Chapter 0

The story focuses on Yumi as she navigates life with her brain cells controlling her. We get to see how each of her decisions comes to be.

Story-wise, the idea that Yumi’s Cells follows is very simple. A 3o-year-old office worker trying to live her best life. She wants to fall in love. She wants to follow her dream. She is an average woman. She loves to eat, is not really happy with her current job, wants to earn lots of money & buy lots of food.

She is the type of person you might see sitting on the train next to you, the colleague from the other department, the next-door neighbor you run-up to every now and then. She might be you. And this idea, that Yumi can be anyone we might meet in our daily life is what made the readers fell in love with her. Her being so real and tangible.

Yumi always keeps others as her priority and tries to give them more. But through time and events, she learns that the protagonist of her story is none other than herself.

Yumi's Cells - webtoon

Loving someone is good but loving yourself is also important. This is the theme that Yumi’s Cells talks about but in a very humorous and clever way. It is the realistic portrayal of Yumi that had gotten the readers to connect with her, her dreams, and her story.

And love? Well, it comes. After meeting different people and having different experiences you will find someone who will click with you, just as you are. They won’t have to be the first person you like or liked you. They can be anyone around you. Your colors will match and well, you still have to work a little on the relationship but you will have each other to understand those morse codes your heart is sending – you will understand this line after you read the Yumi’s Cells.

Yumi's Cells - webtoon
One of my favorite panel.
Yumi's Cells  - webtoon

With all of that add the crazy creativity of the author, it was a perfect mix. We get telepathies from the future – basically, your gut feeling -and calls from other people’s cells – hints – and so much. It really makes your brain work as you piece together the puzzles and complete the story.

Yumis Cells
We got him in tape.

Plus the author is a troll. He misleads and deceived us, readers, every chance he got. He trolled us so many times that it almost became a running joke throughout the community that we can not trust the author to not troll us. Even the author knew about it, and he was enjoying it very much.

And about the cells! Every cell is tasked with one specific job. Different reasons for your responses being different cells at work.

You’re hungry? Your hungry cells want to eat.
Feeling down? – Maybe the emotional cell is getting emotional.
Can’t piece together two outfits and make them work? – Well maybe you don’t have a fashion cell.
Looking for love? – Love cell is at work.
Horny? – Naughty cell is probably in control now.
Can’t sleep? – Lullaby cell got this.

When I read the first episode in 2017, the art was very cartoonish. It was cute and so different from what the other webtoons were offering. I loved it. With the humor and the theme, it felt perfect. But then the art style. It evolved into a very detailed, humanoid style which just elevated the story even more.

It has been confirmed to have 2 seasons – 12 episodes each – but fans have theorized that the drama will also likely have at least 3 seasons.

January 22, 2021, Webtoon confirmed this news on Twitter that the Yumi’s Cells drama adaptation was going live as Kim Go Eun is cast as Yumi.

Yumis Cells drama

The cast list for season one is :


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