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Must Read Canvas Series – Pt2 ft Romance

It is time for part 2 of my Canvas Spotlight bpost, where I recommend you guys to check out 4 canvas series that I have been enjoying for the last few months. 

This blog had to be remade twice because as I was writing it, one of the webtoons announced that it will be a Tapas Original. So I deleted the whole thing and rewrote it. Halfway through I said ‘fck it’ and put it back again…..It deserves all the love & more.

So that happened. And cause it is February all the stories in this list have Romance as one of the main genres. Indulge yourself in love.

Enjoy the Show – Jenna A.

Slice of Life/Romance/Drama

‘Seeking a new (and independent) lease on life, Violet flees her sleepy hometown for the bright, flashing lights of Las Vegas! Hoping to find herself, she instead finds a part-time job full of quirky coworkers, cranky customers, and…romance?’

Enjoy The Show was/is one of my favorite canvas webtoon and now is an original in Tapas. I honestly feel that LineWebtoon lost a gem by not getting it on their platform. But I am glad that Tapas took the chance and scooped it.

The story is brilliant. It is such a slice of life story that makes you laugh, invested in the lives of the characters in a way that you can’t stop thinking about it – I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I first read it in 2020 & made it my whole personality for the next few months.

Most of the time webtoons that are categorized as Slice of Life are basically one-shot types with no real plot. But Enjoy The Show gives of that Slice of Life vibe with an amazing plot & characters that makes you come back again and again. Puns, pop culture references, and a lively cast of characters for you to enjoy.

ps. be prepared to be shocked & laugh!

Updates every Sunday.

I Am The Villain – Sejji


‘A workaholic girl gets transported into the novel her best friend wrote and gets mistaken for the novel villainess. why does she look exactly like her? why is she here? More importantly, how is she going to avoid the drama and live a normal life?’ 

This was the first isekai webtoon I ever read. And it blew my mind. Before reading I Am The Villian I didn’t even knew this type of concept or stories were a thing. So imagine how shocked and stoked I was after reading it.

Now I have a list full of isekai webtoons, that I enjoy but I am The Villain still have a special place. 

As a canvas story, it has a great plot and art – I love the art. Like I can not talk enough about how pretty the art is. It feels soft-rustic. And I just love it.

With over 150 chapters so far, you can binge it whenever you want. The art really changes from the chapters in the beginning.

Updates every Tuesday /Friday

Thread Of Destiny – AyKay Art (A.J.Leigh)


‘Nobody knows when or why the threads appear, but once a ‘match’ is found, the ring turns red and two people can see where their Thread of Destiny connects. These threads are invisible to everyone, except for Kaya. Since she was young, she has been able to see everyone’s Thread of Destiny, even if a ‘match’ hadn’t been made yet. But what happens when she finds the ‘match’ connected to her thread doesn’t believe in destiny?’

New Art
Old Art

Another promising canvas webtoon!

I was introduced to this one by Soju – check her out, she gives really good recommendations – and decided to check it.

The plot is interesting. Has a bit of mystery on it. So you know I am enjoying this as I theorize. There are over 31 episodes. So it is still in the beginning part of the story.

And the art is great! Unfortunately, the series had a change in art from season 2 as the artist had to quit for personal reasons. The new art is also pretty. It is more on the cute side. 

Updated weekly so far.

If you want to read Pt-1, click here. I will be posting more canvas recommendations in the future.

What is your favorite canvas romance series? I mostly read horror/thriller stories from canvas, hence this didn’t have much to recommend. So suggest me some!

Until next time, stay safe and happy reading!


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