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A Forest Ridden With Secrets -Reviewing The Forest of Stolen Girls

Has it not been too long, since I last visited here? I have been having way too much fun on IG that I kinda, neglected this blog, which I started with so much passion. And it has been even longer, since I wrote a full-on book review, I hope I haven’t gone rusty. Without muchContinue reading “A Forest Ridden With Secrets -Reviewing The Forest of Stolen Girls”

Favorite Books of 2021

2021 finished up sooner than I expected. Maybe it had to do with all the good books that I got to read this year? So I have decided to share my favorite reads from 2021. Romance There are 3 romance books that I have enjoyed a lot this year. All of them getting a solidContinue reading “Favorite Books of 2021”

The mischief of Yumi and her cells – A Review about Webtoon Yumi’s Cells

A 3o-year-old office worker trying to look for love. She is a normal average woman. She loves to eat, not really happy with her current job, wants to follow her dream, find love, get rich & buy lots of fashionable clothes, doesn’t like being broke. She is the type of person your colleague might be or you. And this idea that Yumi can be anyone we meet in our daily life is what made the readers fell in love with her. Her being so real and relatable.

My May Webtoon Wrap Up -2021

May is gone but the summer heat is making its way through. With longer days and stuck inside the house thanks to dear Covid -19 who has yet to leave, I have more than enough time to read, read and read as if I haven’t been doing this since last year… So instead of myContinue reading “My May Webtoon Wrap Up -2021”

Is the webtoon His Barcode Tattoo worth your Ink? – His Barcode Tattoo Webtoon Review

From the moment I heard about His Barcode Tattoo, I knew I had to read it. And last month I finished reading both the Webtoon and the Novel it is based off. In this review, I will be talking about the webtoon. There are separate reviews about the novel and one comparing – it isContinue reading “Is the webtoon His Barcode Tattoo worth your Ink? – His Barcode Tattoo Webtoon Review”

Novel vs Webtoon adaptation of His Barcode Tattoo

His Barcode Tattoo is a Web-Novel written by author Ivy Song. In October 2016 it was first published under Tapas as an original novel. Later in 2017, July Wishroomness lends their art and brought the characters alive. In this short review, I will be talking about the novel and the webtoon of His Barcode Tattoo.Continue reading “Novel vs Webtoon adaptation of His Barcode Tattoo”