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Reviewing Webtoon Weak Hero

A simple one-line sentence to define Weak Hero webtoon will be, “someone who bullies, bullies.” And is basically it. So let us get into it! Title: Weak Hero Author & Artist: SEOPASS & RAZEN Overall rating:  9 out of 10 Story:  9 out of 10   Art: 8.5 out of 10 Status: Ongoing Genre: Action, School-life, Bullying, Friendship Extra : DeservesContinue reading “Reviewing Webtoon Weak Hero”

Is Noblesse worth the read?- A Noblesse Webtoon Review!

I have spent the last 15 days finishing Noblesse. 15 days to finish 545 episodes. Not tiny but long, detailed episodes. And now that I have finished it I have only one thing to say about it, I want more.

What is Webtoon GREENLiGHT? – A Review about Webtoon GREENLiGHT

Webtoon GREENLiGHT – which one’s to read!
A short review and recommendation!

Sweet Home How Good Is It? – A Sweet Home Webtoon Review

The theme that is in Sweet Home are thriller, horror – apocalypse. So if you are a fan of stories with such themes then this is something you will like. Not only that but Sweet Home also has a good amount of drama in it. The pacing of the story and how it is presented to us are nearly perfect.