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The Royal Drama Of Remarried Empress…

A royal drama. The simplest way I can explain the whole story. It is a giant royal drama. And I mean it in both ways…

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[Fan translation] Cheese In The Trap: Newlywed Life (All episodes)

Hi! I’m fan translator wannabe Becca. When I knew Cheese in The Trap would have extra material about Seol and Jung newlywed days I lose my mind. Then I spend some months in despair since I couldn’t get those precious episodes in my hands. But you don’t want to knowContinue reading “[Fan translation] Cheese In The Trap: Newlywed Life (All episodes)”


The mischief of Yumi and her cells – A Review about Webtoon Yumi’s Cells

A 3o-year-old office worker trying to look for love. She is a normal average woman. She loves to eat, not really happy with her current job, wants to follow her dream, find love, get rich & buy lots of fashionable clothes, doesn’t like being broke. She is the type of person your colleague might be or you. And this idea that Yumi can be anyone we meet in our daily life is what made the readers fell in love with her. Her being so real and relatable.


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