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The mischief of Yumi and her cells – A Review about Webtoon Yumi’s Cells

A 3o-year-old office worker trying to look for love. She is a normal average woman. She loves to eat, not really happy with her current job, wants to follow her dream, find love, get rich & buy lots of fashionable clothes, doesn’t like being broke. She is the type of person your colleague might be or you. And this idea that Yumi can be anyone we meet in our daily life is what made the readers fell in love with her. Her being so real and relatable.


The beauty of Cursed Princess Club – A Cursed Princess Club Webtoon Review

A story about finding how to love yourself. Title: The Cursed Princess Club Author & Artist: LambCatStory: 9.5 out of 10 Art: 8 out of 10Genre: Comedy and HeartwarmingStatus: OngoingOverall rating: 9 out of 10 *Overall rating might change in the future depending on the future chapters. Since thisContinue reading “The beauty of Cursed Princess Club – A Cursed Princess Club Webtoon Review”

Reviewing Webtoon Weak Hero

A simple one-line sentence to define Weak Hero webtoon will be, “someone who bullies, bullies.” And is basically it. So let us get into it! Title: Weak Hero Author & Artist: SEOPASS & RAZEN Overall rating:  9 out of 10 Story:  9 out of 10   Art: 8.5 out of 10 Status: Ongoing Genre: Action,Continue reading “Reviewing Webtoon Weak Hero”

Is Noblesse worth the read?- A Noblesse Webtoon Review!

I have spent the last 15 days finishing Noblesse. 15 days to finish 545 episodes. Not tiny but long, detailed episodes. And now that I have finished it I have only one thing to say about it, I want more.

Sweet Home How Good Is It? – A Sweet Home Webtoon Review

The theme that is in Sweet Home are thriller, horror – apocalypse. So if you are a fan of stories with such themes then this is something you will like. Not only that but Sweet Home also has a good amount of drama in it. The pacing of the story and how it is presented to us are nearly perfect.

As the world becomes more digital the popularity of Webtoon increases. With an interesting storyline and beautiful art, it is not a surprise.

So join me, as we venture into the world of Webtoons and find the next best one for you to enjoy!

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