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Review Policy

Everything that I write is all my own opinion. Good or bad, they are my own. 

The reviews that I have written and will in the future are spoiler-free. I do talk about the plot in the boundary that it doesn’t cross the line to be a spoiler. And also about the art – for Webtoons. If it has any spoilers, that will be mentioned on the title of the post.

Regarding books : 

I am currently accepting book review requests!

Like everyone, I would prefer printed copies of books. But since I am from Bangladesh and the international shipping cost is ridiculous, I do accept e-books (Epub/MOBI format) and audiobooks. 

Also please contact me a month or two prior for me to read and review the book properly


My favorite genres for Books and Webnovels are:

  • • Horror
  • • ‎Psychological thriller
  • • ‎Murder mystery
  • • ‎Comedy
  • • ‎Paranormal
  • • ‎Fairy tale retellings
  • • ‎Contemporary
  • • ‎Sci-fi with post-apocalyptic settings
  • • ‎Romance – sometimes also avoided.

Genres I avoid are:

  • • Erotica
  • • ‎Non-fiction
  • • ‎Fantasy
  • • ‎Poetry
  • • ‎Biography

If the synopsis sounds interesting even if it is from a genre I usually avoid, I might still read it. Please make sure to go through the reviews that I have given in my blog and in Goodreads, to see if your books fit.

Regarding Webtoons : 

I really don’t have a preference for Webtoons. If the art and the first chapter caughts my attention, I will read them. 

If you want me to check your out, make sure to inform me where I can read it – the website/app – or if it is free or will I have to spend said website/app currency – Coins for Line Webtoon or Inks for Tapas – for reading it. If it requires such currency, I would appreciate if you can send me the specific amount as Promotion Code to unlock the chapters.


My favorite genres for Webtoons are:

  •  Horror/Paranormal
  •  ‎Psychological thriller
  •  ‎Murder mystery
  •  ‎Comedy
  • ‎Action
  • Slice Of Life
  •  ‎Fairy tale retellings/Mythology
  •  ‎Contemporary
  •  ‎Sci-fi with post-apocalyptic settings
  • Romance 
  •  ‎Fantasy
  • Isekei 

As I mentioned above, I am not very picky about Webtoons.