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A Forest Ridden With Secrets -Reviewing The Forest of Stolen Girls

Has it not been too long, since I last visited here? I have been having way too much fun on IG that I kinda, neglected this blog, which I started with so much passion. And it has been even longer, since I wrote a full-on book review, I hope I haven’t gone rusty. Without muchContinue reading “A Forest Ridden With Secrets -Reviewing The Forest of Stolen Girls”

Favorite Books of 2021

2021 finished up sooner than I expected. Maybe it had to do with all the good books that I got to read this year? So I have decided to share my favorite reads from 2021. Romance There are 3 romance books that I have enjoyed a lot this year. All of them getting a solidContinue reading “Favorite Books of 2021”