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Readers Thought About Omniscient Reader – A Omniscient Reader Webtoon Review

Have you ever wondered what it would like to be inside of your favorite story? Meeting your favorite characters.I mean, I love The Hunger Games. But I know I won’t survive more than two days there. But hey at least I will get to meet Effie, Rue, Finnick, and Peeta. Omniscient Reader is kinda likeContinue reading “Readers Thought About Omniscient Reader – A Omniscient Reader Webtoon Review”

What is Eleceed? – Eleceed Webtoon Review

Eleceed as a webtoon is a weirdly-perfect mix of action, cuteness, and laughs. It is not just the story itself that is good but the art just brings up that level of comedy to a whole new level. And the characters are made that way too. They are kids, so we get that goofiness but as they are young adults who want to do right, we get that want of righteousness too.

Is Noblesse worth the read?- A Noblesse Webtoon Review!

I have spent the last 15 days finishing Noblesse. 15 days to finish 545 episodes. Not tiny but long, detailed episodes. And now that I have finished it I have only one thing to say about it, I want more.

5 Supernatural Webtoons To Binge Read This Quarantine

It has been a long quarantine for us. 4 months for me. During this time I have read almost all the books that I had with me and more. By the end of my second month, I was out of things to read. So I started reading more. Trying out different genres. So if youContinue reading “5 Supernatural Webtoons To Binge Read This Quarantine”

Sweet Home How Good Is It? – A Sweet Home Webtoon Review

The theme that is in Sweet Home are thriller, horror – apocalypse. So if you are a fan of stories with such themes then this is something you will like. Not only that but Sweet Home also has a good amount of drama in it. The pacing of the story and how it is presented to us are nearly perfect.