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Novel vs Webtoon adaptation of His Barcode Tattoo

His Barcode Tattoo is a Web-Novel written by author Ivy Song. In October 2016 it was first published under Tapas as an original novel. Later in 2017, July Wishroomness lends their art and brought the characters alive. In this short review, I will be talking about the novel and the webtoon of His Barcode Tattoo.Continue reading “Novel vs Webtoon adaptation of His Barcode Tattoo”

Readers Thought About Omniscient Reader – A Omniscient Reader Webtoon Review

Have you ever wondered what it would like to be inside of your favorite story? Meeting your favorite characters.I mean, I love The Hunger Games. But I know I won’t survive more than two days there. But hey at least I will get to meet Effie, Rue, Finnick, and Peeta. Omniscient Reader is kinda likeContinue reading “Readers Thought About Omniscient Reader – A Omniscient Reader Webtoon Review”

Reviewing Webtoon Weak Hero

A simple one-line sentence to define Weak Hero webtoon will be, “someone who bullies, bullies.” And is basically it. So let us get into it! Title: Weak Hero Author & Artist: SEOPASS & RAZEN Overall rating:  9 out of 10 Story:  9 out of 10   Art: 8.5 out of 10 Status: Ongoing Genre: Action, School-life, Bullying, Friendship Extra : DeservesContinue reading “Reviewing Webtoon Weak Hero”

What is Webtoon GREENLiGHT? – A Review about Webtoon GREENLiGHT

Webtoon GREENLiGHT – which one’s to read!
A short review and recommendation!

5 Supernatural Webtoons To Binge Read This Quarantine

It has been a long quarantine for us. 4 months for me. During this time I have read almost all the books that I had with me and more. By the end of my second month, I was out of things to read. So I started reading more. Trying out different genres. So if youContinue reading “5 Supernatural Webtoons To Binge Read This Quarantine”