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4 fluffy webtoons that are a must read.

Line webtoon app is full of amazing webtoons that are just waiting for someone to read them. From romance to action to epic drama. But amidst all of these heavy topics are a few rare gems of stories that are so soft and fluffy that just by reading them you will have an instant smile on your face. Today we will talk about 4 of those types of webtoon.
The genre that I have chosen for this is romance/drama. All are light-hearted and full of fluff. The stories mentioned here are on-going.
Let’s begin then.

Yumi’s Cells

Genre : Slice Of Life
Art : 10/10
Story : 10/10

I was going to write a review specifically for this one but then decided to hold it off. I think this will be a more appropriate way to get more people to try it out. Yumi’s cell is written and drawn by Donggeon Lee. It is the oldest story in the list. Going on since 2015 and has 498 episodes so far. Please don’t let the number of episodes scare you off. It is super popular in Korea and internationally for its humor and story appeal.

The story is about Yumi and her brain Cells. It is a really funny, dramatic, and fluffy story. The concept is similar to the movie Inside Out. But instead of five emotions that control us, we have cells like Hungry Cell, Rational Cell, Detective Cell, Curios Cell, Love Cell, Naughty Cell, Maybe Cell, and thousand more that are controlling us. Different persons have different cells.

And this with the author’s amazing sense of humor and writing ability makes the story so much interesting. The author is always trolling us and giving us hits with his foreshadowing. It is one of those stories that you just can’t get enough of. For me, Yumi’s Cell is one of the best webtoons out there.

Spirit Fingers

Genre : Drama
Art : 10/10
Story : 10/10

One of my favorite panels . it is like basically 0 spoiler.

This is a very soft, heartwarming and makes you smile type of story. It is about Amy who joins the Spirit Fingers club – an art club and finds her true colors.

The art is gorgeous. The soft colors and the way the characters are drawn are very aesthetic. Drawn and written by Han Kyoung Chal, Spirit Finger is one of those stories that always stays with you.
It is light with slight drama – in a good way- and funny. Spirit Fingers is a story that you fall in love with the moment you start reading. A very well throughout story with amazing art.

Spirit Fingers updates twice a week. Every Saturday and Tuesday. And 135 episodes are out. Perfect for binge read until the next episodes comes out.

The Kiss Bet

Genre : Romance
Art : 9/10
Story : 9/10

Another fluffy story with cute art.
The story focuses on Sara Lin, her life, and a kiss bet that she made with her friend. The artist and the author of The Kiss bet is Ingrid Ochoa.

It isn’t a super deep or a very dramatic story. An easy way to describe it will be, as a simple story. And as a reader who reads lots of action and heavy theme stories most of the time, this is like a breath of fresh air. I love this type of story that just simply makes me invested without the need of having a huge crisis or the end of the world.

This is the strength of Kiss Bet. And the absolute reason why I can’t get enough of it.

There are 50 episodes out as I write this. So it is fairly new. Perfect time to get started.

Marry me

Genre : Romance
Art : 9/10
Story : 9/10

The word “Fluff’ is the best way to describe this webtoon. It is fluffy and smilies. Zero unwanted drama. Instead, we are given these two individuals who are just trying to fit into each other’s world. And I can’t remember if there was an episode that didn’t leave a smile on my face when I read it. It is that cute.
The art is very kawaii. It is done by a Japanese author Miku Yuki. It is so soft and pretty.

I love the simplicity of Mary Me’s story. Less of heavy drama and more about the character and their growth.

Marry Me is the newest webtoon in this list as only 29 episodes came out. It updates every Monday for us to enjoy.

Through many love stories with lots of action or intense drama and twists, sometimes we need stories that are free from them. I think having some sweets stuffs to read balances out the fact that I read a lot of heavy stuff. For my sanity, I sometimes search for lighter storylines with less drama. If you are like me and looking for something similar then I think the stories mentioned here will be just the thing you are looking for. So do check them out.

Until next time, happy reading!


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