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Book Wrap Up -2021 July version

Since I never know what to say at the start, from now on I will just skip to the main part.

This little wrap-up includes :

Let’s start!

Mexican Gothic

Set in 1950-ish, Mexican Gothic is a historical, paranormal horror. But the real terror that this book also talks about is not just the ghost but colonialism, slavery. Double Terror.

With a letter from her cousin, Noemí leaves to fetch her cousin from the Mexican countryside. A house hiding in the hill and a family that no-one knows anything about, how will she save her cousin and herself from its clutches and horror.

To say it simply… the book is beautifully written. It is eerie and hauntingly good. You can feel the dampness through the words. The characters, they are strong and bold. I loved the world building, the tone of the writing makes you feel as if you have transported back into time. And the ending. Actually really, really loved the ending.

A lot of times a book starts strong but the ends in a wishy-washy. When I finish reading a book it is the ending that will stay with me the longest. That feeling of ‘it’s over’, I love that. So if it doesn’t end well then what was the whole point.

The open ending here made me appreciate the author and the story even more. It gives us the feeling of anything can happen. Specially since this is said to be turn into a live-action drama by HULU, it gives the hope that we can expect a lot on that line of the story too.

When I started reading, I didn’t quite like the 1st chapter much. It felt like we were given too much information about how apathetic Noemí is about her life. But after she went to High Place, I just loved everything! The writing just became more captivating in my eyes and I kept turning pages after pages. I was holding my breath as I read. And that doesn’t happen often.

I loved the setting for High Place.

I won’t talk much here, since I will be doing a separate post later for Mexican Gothic in the future. Which may or may not have spoilers.

In a one line – it is a must-read!

Pretty Girls


As a thriller, mystery lover Pretty Girls has become one of my favorites. Not just because of these elements but because of the way the book itself is written.

I really, really liked Karin Slaughter’s writing.

I loved how things are shown to the readers, instead of having all the information and clues fed to us, we were given small clues that solve the puzzle. It gives the readers the satisfaction of connecting the dots- something I personally love- but at the same time, it leaves you guessing for what might happen next.

Specially how the story starts, you can’t guess what can happen. I started this without reading the synopsis as I do most of the time, but this really made me appreciate the story even more as it made the mystery more immense.

The book is about two sisters. After years of silence with each other, they come together to find out what might have had happened to their elder sister who went missing decades ago.

Can the answer heal their broken family or will it leave even more scars?

It is very graphic with the details about the crimes, but that adds to the severity of the crime. With mention of rape and torture.

Though it is very graphic and borderline horror, it is also about family and the love and the trust between them. This is what makes this story even more compelling and heartbreaking to read.

There are three different POVs that go back and forth. The change in POV was nice. Especially the Dad’s POV, that was an emotional gut-punch served right.

There are some big twists and I didn’t liked one of them, which is why I took off half of that star. But that being said it really kept me on my toes. Kept me guessing about what can happen next.

Overall, I really enjoyed this. If you can handle this type of topic then you have to read it.

One To Watch

Really enjoyed it. For me, the book starts a little slow but it picks up in the middle. It is a very easy read and enjoyable. Read it in a few sittings. 

The concept was fun & the writing style makes it easy to visualize with the addition of blogs, tweets & articles from the magazines entwined into the story, which makes it entertaining to read it. 

The story follows Bea who is a plus-sized fashion influencer. And she is invited to participate in this reality show called Main Squeeze which is basically The Bachelorette.

I have never watched this type of show, so this was interesting. 

I actually enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I went into reading this with zero expectations but I ended up enjoying it.

Though it has romance in the tag I didn’t felt the romance much. We have a lot of characters and the interactions were fun to read but the romance was kinda weird and draggy. Honestly didn’t felt it. The romance with most of the characters felt rushed and not genuine.

Was the setting romantic? yes.

Did the characters any had chemistry? No.

A lot of troops were played. Especially for the POC characters. It isn’t something really off-putting. Would have appreciated it more if it wasn’t there, to begin with.  

I found our MC -Bea’s character a little not convincing(?). She is supposed to be this strong & independent powerful woman but she is very, very, very insecure. And she doesn’t really grow as much as I would have liked it. The book talks a lot about body positivity but Bea is often trying to hide in herself. She grows but very little.

If you enjoy drama, you will like it.

One To Watch would make a good Webtoon. 

Then She Was Gone

Maybe it’s me who reads nothing but thriller and mystery, maybe that’s why I knew what was going to happen even before it happened.

10 years ago Ellie goes missing. 10 years later her mother- Laurel has finally started moved on when she meets a guy, who is really interested in her. She goes on a few dates, meets his 9 year old daughter Poppy. And Poppy is exactly like her missing daughter.

I liked the idea but the story felt predictable to me. The biggest reveal was so obvious that it kind of made me stop reading the book for a few days. Because I knew what was gonna happen.
But I came back hoping that I was wrong. Sadly no.
The author has a strong writing presence. You can feel the pain of Laurel as she tries to survive without her favorite child. I liked the ending too.
It was just the mystery aspect that was kind of a letdown for me.

Until next time, happy reading!


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