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Must Read Canvas Series – Pt 1

If you have been reading Webtoons for some time you might have heard of Line Webtoon. Of all the webtoon app that I read from Line Webtoon is my favorite. Not just for the free Webtoons but also for their canvas sections which offer a variety in both genres and styles of webtoons.

There are two types of Webtoons in the Line Webtoon site. The Originals and Canvas Series. The Original Series are officially licensed by Line Webtoon and can only be read on the Line Webtoon app.

The Canvas series however not exclusive to Line Webtoon and the creators can post them on other sites as well. The advantage of being a Canvas series is that you can easily get your webtoon or comic to the millions of readers who are already reading from Line Webtoon. And if your series becomes popular, Line Webtoon might offer you to make it an Original.

Must read Canvas Series part – 1!


‘Jun is not your average judo athlete… actually, she’s below average. Despite being awkward, shy, and timid, Jun continues to practice judo with a fiery goal in mind: to defeat her greatest childhood opponent. After meeting a mysterious and handsome stranger with outstanding judo skills, will Jun be able to convince him to teach her? A story about loving oneself and falling in love… Come watch an insecure fluffy lamb transform into a fierce queen.’

A romantic comedy with a heavy mix of Judo. It is funny, sweet & super cute! The author takes great care as they explain each Judo move for us noobs.

It has a good amount of comedy elements that just make you want to read it more.

The art style feels like it has been drawn by hand and not digitally which I absolutely love! It has lots of texture. And it makes reading more exciting & fun.

The Gentle Way updates every day with parts of each chapter. But every Sunday the whole chapter is updated as a whole, so you can read it both daily or weekly!

Crime/ Mystery/Drama

‘Who is “The Barber?” Many know him as a deadly hitman, an expert thief, a master smuggler, and much more. But above all, as the “Jack.” AKA the darling of the secretive criminal organization, “The Jack Syndicate,” known far and wide for its influence and power. As part of the Syndicate’s tradition, “The Barber” must one day acquire and train a child apprentice to succeed him. How he acquires this apprentice is left up to chance. But who knew the chance would arrive so soon?’

Another webtoon that I am patiently waiting to be an Original. The art with the colors and character design is absolutely gorgeous!

The whole ambiance of this webtoon flows smoothly. The theme, the art, the timeline that was chosen goes so well with everything! It is really hard to find good crime-related webtoons in the mid of romance, and The Barber just hits the spot.

Updates weekly.

Comedy/Slice of Life/Mermaid

The little Trashmaid webtoon

Short comic strips of a mermaid in the modern days.

The Little Trashmaid is about a little mermaid who lives in the ocean. Her daily life is shown here. The author has cleverly used the mermaid as a subject to show how our use of plastic and us polluting the ocean had affected marine life. We are shown through her how she thinks trashing her home is the norm.

The creator is tackling a huge situation with the cute and interesting story and artwork. It is also spreading the message of how we need to change our ways if we want Tidy and all of her people to continue to live.

Updates every two weeks (on Friday).

Supernatural/ Romance

What’s worse: knowing the devil wants your best friend’s soul or wishing he wanted yours? Clara has everything figured out, from her adoring boyfriend to her supportive best friend to her reliable summer job at the local library—but when a particularly unusual tourist comes to town, Clara’s perfect life quickly becomes a perfect storm.

This alluring story is written by Olivia Blake and illustrator Little Chmura has brought it to life. The artwork is definitely the first thing that will get your attention. It feels like watercolor. The colors with the textures and the theme of the story just complement each other so well.

What makes me extremely excited about the story is the execution. There is this huge sense of mystery and darkness to it. So I am very excited to see how the story will play out. I am also hoping Line Webtoon soon gets this as one of their Original.

Hopefully, you all will check these ones out and I will see you soon with my next post where I will share 4 more Canvas series that will be worth your time.


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