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5 Supernatural Webtoons To Binge Read This Quarantine

5 Supernatural Webtoons To Binge Read This Quarantine

It has been a long quarantine for us. 4 months for me. During this time I have read almost all the books that I had with me and more. By the end of my second month, I was out of things to read. So I started reading more. Trying out different genres.

So if you too are looking for new things to read then don’t look too far as today I listed 5 finished supernatural Webtoons for y’all to binge read on. All of them are available for all to enjoy in the Webtoon app. And if you hurry you can finish reading them before they get Daily Pass – a feature in Webtoon that allows you to read only 2 episodes a day for free. Unless you want to buy coins/use money to read them, you might wanna hurry.

So let’s get started!

My Boo

My Boo by Jeongseo

Drama & supernatural. By Jeongseo.

Truly a story that you won’t be able to stop reading. With under 50 episodes, the author has everyone in tears. It starts with this girl who moves in a new house only to find that it has the ghost of the previous owner still lingering inside. Will they become friends or will he be able to move on?
The art is very soft. Very detailed and has this calming effect. The use of color throughout the webtoon is very beautiful.

My Boo is already available for Daily Pass.


Untouchable by massstar

Romance, drama & supernatural. By massstar.

A very different take on vampires with only 142 episodes. I can’t say much without spoiling. So just take my words for it and do try it. It’s a funny & light weighted read, cause you won’t have to wait a week to know what happens next. The art is here really good. And very bright.
It was the 2nd webtoon I read back in 2017 and it is still one of my favorites.

Going Daily Passed after July 13.


Noblesse by Jeho Son & Kwangsu Lee

Action, drama & supernatural. By Jeho Son and Kwangsu Lee.
This is the only non-romance supernatural webtoon in this list.
This is a vampire webtoon but it is nothing like anything you heard or read before. It has 545 episodes. You might that is a lot but trust me it isn’t. The story revolves around the vampire Rai who had woken up after 800+ years & the world has changed.
It’s hilarious & full of action. The first 10 episodes are a little hard to go through. Too much information to process and the story does moves a little slower compared to others. But it has its very own universe. So to build something that big of a scale I think the pace set by the author was right.

Sadly Noblesse is also going Daily passed after July 14. So you have to hurry if you want to finish those 545 episodes.

A Good Day To Be A Dog

A Good Day To Be A Dog by Lee Hey

Romance & Supernatural. By Lee Hey.

This one is very recent. The story ended in January this year……sigh.
The story is about Hana who is cursed to turn into a dog at night if she kiss a guy. The only way to turn back is if he kisses her again when she still in the dog. But what if the guy you kissed he is afraid of dogs? Yes, the struggle begins!
It’s really cute! Not very heavily emotional but just enough. The art is also really pretty. Very light and soft.
Another good news is that this webtoon is being turned into a drama!! The rights has been already sold. Though not much has been known about when it might come out or the cast. But hopefully, it will be out soon.

Going Daily passed on July 16.

Ghost Wife

Ghost Wife by Saejung

Romance & Supernatural. By Saejung

Another favorite story of mine that ended this year. It was love at sight when I started this one. And was heartbroken when it ended in February. The story is about a girl who gets two options. Either the ghost makes her his wife or he eats her. It doesn’t sound like much but this is such a great story. It’s heartwarming & super cute!! Plus it is funny too with some pretty scary stuff in between.
The art is unique. Very different from anything I had read before.

This will get daily passed on July 14th.

Hopefully, you guys will check them out soon. And If you have some good Webtoons then recommend them to me.


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